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Come Experience the Top Summer Events Of 2023 in San Diego County

As the warmer months roll around, life takes on a softer glow. The long ago days of our childhood seem like they just occurred yesterday, our interests turn to outdoor activities, and we begin to play just a little more. Summer is for vacations, for explorations of new places and if your solstice journey brings you to the paradise we know as San Diego County, in addition to days at...

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2023 Upcoming Spring Events in San Diego County

Are you thinking of going to California for your upcoming vacation? If so, it might be the smartest option to avoid the ever-crowded areas of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Instead, head to San Diego to check out the zoo, explore the great outdoors, enjoy the warm weather, and have fun with your family. And speaking of trips, we think the spring is THE best time to visit San Diego!...

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You Won’t Regret a Halloween Spent in San Diego County!

As the weather starts to move from cool to cold and the landscape begins to resemble a desolate and barren forest, thoughts begin to turn to the spooky pleasures of the first of the big holidays, Halloween. Trick or treating with warm layers under costumes and being thankful for the masks that keep faces warm even as the temperatures drop the later into the evening it gets. This is the...

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Family Friendly Events in San Diego County that Won’t Break the Bank

There are tons of things that you can do in San Diego County that are inexpensive for you, you and your partner, or you and your kids. Whether you enjoy outdoor activities, going to fancy restaurants, seeing all that the town has to offer, or chatting with the locals, San Diego has it all. Let’s see some of the best things you can do in the county that are cheap,...

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