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10 Ways to Increase Rental Occupancy Rates on Your San Diego Vacation Rental

When you begin considering appealing vacation destinations on the map, it’s hard to top sunny San Diego, California. The state’s second-largest city spans around 4,200 square miles of lush coastal terrain and is made up of no less than 18 incorporated cities paired side-by-side with unique neighborhoods and communities bursting with flavor and charm. Places like La Jolla, Coronado, Del Mar, Escondido, Carlsbad, and Chula Vista all invite guests to...

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Getting Around San Diego

Traveling to sunny San Diego promises to be a treat for travelers. Once you arrive, getting around San Diego is just as appealing! The following options will make your customized transportation choices in Southern California a breeze from start to finish.   Give Public Transportation a Try  If you don’t want to hassle with driving yourself, San Diego has an efficient public transportation system in place with eco-friendly alternatives. Purchasing...

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Getting to San Diego

A trip to San Diego is always worth your while and getting here comes with plenty of options. Whether you prefer to fly, drive, or take the train, you can customize your journey to elevate your California stay when getting to San Diego.   Flying into San Diego  Many travelers choose to fly into San Diego, and when they do, they often choose San Diego International Airport as their final...

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History of San Diego

San Diego, California is a city with a reputation for beautiful beaches, sunshine, and endless entertainment to be enjoyed. It’s also a destination with a rich history and past that’s well worth looking into before you next travel this way! Here’s an overview of the history of san diego.  An Ancient History  Long before the city of San Diego existed as it is today, it was home to the Kumeyaay...

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Planning Your San Diego Vacation

When you’re more than ready to hit the road or skies and explore San Diego, putting a little time into planning can make a big difference. From deciding where you want to explore to the destinations that are great for dining and shopping, making the most of every moment is a fun experience from start to finish! Here are some steps for planning your San Diego vacation.  Explore the Beaches ...

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Things You Might Not Know About San Diego

Spending time in sunny San Diego, California is something travelers from across the globe enjoy doing year after year with good reason. From its sunny demeanor and laid-back vibe, San Diego is a place where you can relax, unwind, and savor the moment in authentic California style no matter when you arrive. That said, it’s also a city that comes with a few surprises too! The following are just a...

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Traveling with Children to San Diego

When you’re looking for a friendly, sunny, and endlessly fun destination to enjoy with children, San Diego checks every box on the list! Filled with theme parks, shorelines, amazing restaurants, and year-round great weather, it’s a place where it’s easy to customize your stay to match all types of interests, attention spans, and travel styles. Keep reading to find out why traveling with Children to San Diego doesn’t have to...

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Traveling with Disabilities to San Diego

For many travelers heading to San Diego is endlessly appealing thanks to the city’s robust lineup of activities and historical sights, stunning shorelines and year-round beautiful weather. Sunny San Diego is a great place to spend time unwinding and relaxing. Making it even more exciting is the fact that it’s a city that’s highly accessible to everyone! Traveling with Disabilities to San Diego can be easy to maneuver and set...

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