Do you daydream of being at the beach as you are stuck inside four white walls in an office building? You are not alone! The feeling of sand between your toes, the cool breeze on your face, and the bright blue water hitting you as you surf on the white waves is truly magical. That is why we have a perfect vacation rental for those beach bums who just can’t pass up on being close to the breathtaking beach on their San Diego vacation!  

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Elevate Your San Diego Vacation

Check out Beach Dreams, an aptly named four-bedroom, two-bathroom house that can fit you and 9 of your very best friends. We love this property for large family reunions, friends get-togethers, or couple retreats so everyone can spread out, relax, and have their own bedroom to get a full 8 hours of sleep before tackling the large waves the next day. 

As soon as you enter the home, you will immediately notice the open floor plan and large space. You will never feel as cramped or crowded as you would in a hotel room, as our house features a neutral color palette, ample seating areas, cool artwork, and a laid-back beach vibe that is ideal for relaxing and chilling after a day of being out on the water.   

Living Room 

Make your way into the living room and plop down on the large, L-shaped couch. This large and cozy sectional couch is great for fighting almost every single person in your group with ease! The cozy material and large shape allow everyone to find a seat, chat with one another, and never feel cramped. Turn your favorite show or movie on the large flat screen TV! 

Plus, the rest of your guests can sit at the nearby dining room table so everyone can converse with one another. The large dining room table can fit 10 people, ensuring all guests can sit down, play a game of cards, play a board game, eat a formal dinner together, or just sit and chat about plans for the upcoming week. 


If you want to serve your guests while they relax in the living room or the dining room, just walk a few steps into the attached, open-floor plan kitchen to make a quick snack and serve drinks. The kitchen features ample counter space, stainless steel amenities, a freezer and refrigerator, an oven, a large stove, a microwave oven, and tons of cabinet space to store your snacks.  

Not only is this kitchen easy to use and functional, but it is plenty spacious for your loved ones to make a pot of coffee in the morning, whip up some breakfast, or make a to-go lunch all at the same time!  

Once you make breakfast in the morning for your guests, chat about what to do for the upcoming day. We recommend going to the nearby beach since you are located right off of 25th Street. Other fun things to do that are right outside of your doorstep is to go for a walk with your friends for some early morning exercise on the Coast to Crest Trail, grab a cup of coffee at the Liquid Bean Cafe, or have a beer in the afternoon at Viewpoint Brewing Company.  

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Private Outdoor Space 

Our private house also has personal outdoor space that is perfect for making sure your kid and your guests are safe and sound. The house is conveniently located right on a cul-de-sac, making it the ideal house for you to play outside with your kids, let your teenagers play a ball game in the cul-de-sac, or hang out in the neighborhood with your guests. We also love playing ball games in the fenced-in yard or grilling on the back patio BBQ in the bright, California sunshine.  

Numerous Bedrooms 

After you have explored the nearby beaches and spent hours and hours in the sun, it may be time to take a quick cat nap. Fortunately for you and your friend, there are tons of bedrooms here for you to draw the curtains, turn the lights off, and curl up under the plush bedding. As the guest organizer, you can claim the large bedroom with a king-sized bed – and there are two!  

The other bedrooms feature two king beds or a queen-size bed, meaning every single person staying here is going to have cozy bedding, plush pillows, and ample space to spread out and relax at night. No one in your party is going to feel left out or given a bad room, ensuring every person is filled with good vibes and great energy during their stay in this pristine beach home.  

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Sounds good, doesn’t it? We think so too! Check out this house by Vacation Rentals by Kimberly to start the vacation of your dreams.