San Diego, California is a city with a reputation for beautiful beaches, sunshine, and endless entertainment to be enjoyed. It’s also a destination with a rich history and past that’s well worth looking into before you next travel this way! Here’s an overview of the history of san diego

An Ancient History 

Long before the city of San Diego existed as it is today, it was home to the Kumeyaay tribe for over 12,000 years. The tribe replaced the Luiseno, also known as the La Jolla people, around 1000 CE. These tribes thrived off the area’s easy access to fish and game as well as the inviting weather that lent itself to lush plant life. They were known for their intricate approach to weaving and pottery.  

The Spanish Arrival 

Spanish explorers arrived in the San Diego Bay area in 1542 sailing under the command of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. San Diego Bay was originally named San Miguel Bay. A follow-up expedition in 1602 brought Sebastian Vizcaino to the shores of San Miguel Bay as well as the Catholic tradition. It was upon Vizcaino’s arrival that the bay was renamed San Deigo Bay. In 1769 Gaspar Portola of Spain built a fortress above Old Town in response to increasing competition with France, England, and Russia in the realm of world exploration. This was followed by the building of Mission San Diego de Alcala by Friar Junipero Serra which solidified Spain’s claim to Alta California and marked the city of San Diego’s official founding. 

An American Frontier Town Moves into the 20th Century 

While Alta California would go on to become a province of Mexico in 1821, it would transition to an American frontier town after the Mexican-American War of 1846. By the first half of the 20th century, San Diego saw a boom in both its resort and business communities. The first streetcars were utilized during this timeframe alongside the Coronado Ferry. Theaters, hotels, and recreational centers sprang up alongside residential neighborhoods with a distinct village feel. Eventually, San Diego would go on to become a significant Navy Town under President Franklin D. Roosevelt with many sailors and soldiers returning to the city after their tours were complete to raise families in a place that was sunny and beautiful.   

A Modern Marvel 

Today, San Diego continues to thrive and grow and bring in tourists in impressive droves. It’s a rich industrial center and just as wealthy in the way of wildlife and appealing landscapes. From top-notch city dining, shopping, and attractions, it’s a one-stop-destination for fun year-round. 

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