When vacation thoughts begin entering your mind, is it the sea that calls the loudest? Do you imagine a getaway in a space filled with windows offering unobstructed views of the water, the sand, and the sunsets that seem to burn even brighter when falling into the ocean every day? If this is how you dream, our Vacation Rentals by Kimberly Pelican’s Penthouse in Solana Beach may be the key to making your vacation dreams come true! Offering 3 light-filled bedrooms, 2.5 spacious and modern baths, and room for up to 7 travelers to be comfortably spoiled during their stay, Pelican’s Penthouse is a modern space perched high over the sea, providing all the comforts of home that will make this vacation one you will wish never had to end. Walk through its clean spaces with us and add substance to your dreams of a California vacation filled with luxury and comfortable adventures and see how long it takes before you find yourself eagerly clicking that coral-hued ‘Book Now’ button found on the right of our page!

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Simply Devine

A cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind, and the simplicity of Pelican’s Penthouse will help you to clear out all the noise in your own head. Cool white flooring creates a serene pathway into rooms with high ceilings, gray-hued walls, and windows that let in those sea views you need to make this vacation one that you will cherish forever! Get comfortable on the black leather sectional sofa that could dominate the living room, but somehow manages to take second place behind those views, and flip through the channels on the Smart TV mounted over the mantle of the gas fireplace that is ready to add warmth and romance to the space with a flip of the switch. Or start the entertainment portion of your vacation escape with a quick game of foosball while trying not to get distracted from the views that surround you in this windowed nook.

If the views do get distracting, why not just go with the flow and step out the sliding glass doors to the first of multiple decks, enjoying soaring views of the sea and the land, and perhaps taking time to prepare the first meal of your trip on the beautiful propane grill that can be found out here? A table surrounded by four chairs promises to make this the favored dining spot for everyone in your family!

Speaking of dinner, we know how much travel can make you hungry, so heading back inside to explore the kitchen area of this open concept floor plan will continue this tour of wonders. Spacious, modern, and offering stone countertops and high-end appliances, a modern range hood adds drama, but as this space shares views with the rest of the rooms, you know your attention will be directed elsewhere as you put together a little snack, pour yourself a glass of California wine, or turn the electric tea kettle on to bring a few extra minutes of peace to your morning. The dining room table, a sleek but chunky Scandinavian piece of wood, is surrounded by comfortably padded chairs that will ensure that long dinners or marathon board game playing sessions remain comfortable for all who are seated.

An upstairs office, fully equipped with a desk, office chair, and two monitors, will come in handy for hardworking guests who can’t always completely check out of work, and a comfortable sofa bed gives visitors a truly wonderful night’s sleep!

The remaining two bedrooms are on the lower floor, each offering something special, including a master suite that truly spoils. Centered by a plush king bed offering a padded headboard to relax against each night before sleep takes over perhaps watching the smart television mounted to the opposite wall, cool blues, grays, and greens mimic the seascape outdoors, just visible from the private deck located off this beautiful bedroom. This property is designed for families, and the crib in the primary suite offers proof, as does the queen sofa bed that could be the perfect sleeping location for toddlers too big for a crib but too small to be in a room far down the hall. An en suite bath is equipped with modern fixtures, granite countertops, and soft and plush towels. The final bedroom anchored by a queen bed with another padded headboard and smart television is as serene and peaceful as the rest of the property!

Finally, slide open the barn doors in the downstairs area and discover a happy surprise, a state-of-the-art stackable washer unit that, while not glamorous, will come in handy during your beach getaway with Vacation Rentals by Kimberly!

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