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Property Care & Maintenance

HomeProperty Care & Maintenance


We provide complete Property Care. Our team of property care technicians treats each property with the highest regard. They are proactive managers who constantly refine the services they provide.


Our multi-channel marketing plan is implemented and managed by our highly experienced and motivated team of marketing professionals.


We produce reservations. Our friendly and knowledgeable in-house Reservations Team sets the stage for an outstanding vacation experience for our guests. Our team is attentive, dedicated and very knowledgeable about every single property we represent. They are friendly, professional and extremely helpful when assisting guests with their vacation plans.

Dedicated to Quality Control

Perfection is the goal of the Quality Control Professionals. They strive to make sure each guest is impressed upon arrival. We account for everything. Our accounting team makes certain the numbers add up. Your statements are precise and on-time.


Imagine a dream vacation in a stunning home on the beach or high on a hill-top with a dramatic ocean view surrounded by family and close friends who will cherish the memory of their remarkable vacation forever. This was the vision of our founder and owner, Kimberly Jackson. Kim and her family love to travel and would often journey from their spacious home in the beautiful Northwest to their vacation home in historic and charming Del Mar. With her boy’s love of surf and sun, extended stays in Del Mar became inevitable so Kim would often invite close friends and family members to come along or to vacation in her home in the iconic Northwest. As with all good things, word of mouth spread quickly and soon other owners of multiple residences began asking Kim if she could help them rent out their homes as well.​Established since 2010, Vacation Rentals by Kimberly has become the preeminent vacation rental management company in greater Del Mar. Founded on the love for her family and their love of travel, Vacation Rentals by Kimberly continues to work hard to help many others realize their dream vacation as well.

Committed to Our Guests

Vacation Rentals by Kimberly has created a dedicated Guest Services Team that caters to answering guest inquiries, is on-call 24 hours a day, and anticipates guest needs by maintaining in-home directories and welcome packets. Our service team rivals that of upscale resorts. With welcoming smiles they pay attention to any guest need that may arise. Should a guest require immediate attention during their stay, our Property Care, Guest Services, Quality Control and Information Technology teams are available to respond.

Committed to Our Owners

What will Vacation Rentals by Kimberly do for you and your property? We do it all! We assist in getting your house set up if it is currently not a vacation rental. We have a decorator on staff if you require assistance in staging your property for optimum visibility and presentation. We use all means of advertising to insure your property is showcased globally. This includes having professional pictures taken.

We field all inquiries in a timely manner, by both phone and email. We show properties when locals ask for a viewing. We send out contracts if someone decides they would like to book dates. We accept contracts and make deposits. We schedule cleanings around the booked dates and send out a Welcome Letter to our guests. Our team is available 24 hours a day for all guests. We will schedule any service needed should any issue arise. When applicable we strive to refund deposit money in a timely manner, if all agreed upon conditions are met.

Our goal is to have satisfied clients who want to return and who want to review our properties in a positive light.